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Why Students Should Choose NITTE University

Nitte University

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As school comes to an end, it becomes essential to start planning your future course of action. Which course to pursue? Which college to apply for? The questions are many. Happy and successful career lies in picking the right course and also the right university. While it can be difficult to choose between universities, you will find that there are some key differences between them that can help you make the big decision.

The most important thing is to determine what sort of character and focus the university has and ensure that it aligns with your own personality, interests and goals. Choosing the right university in your choice of field is a challenge. You have to take into consideration the course structure, campus placements, hostel facilities etc. Listed below are some of the most important things to consider right before choosing NITTE as the University of your Choice.

Course Structure

The curriculum of a course is the most essential part. Before choosing a college you should give a thorough read to the course structure. NITTE University comprises of 8 colleges that presents you an excellent course structure in Healthcare, Architecture, Engineering, Management, Design, Mass Communication.

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Campus Structure and Hostel

NITTE University provides you a well-functioning infrastructure and hostel facilities. Comprising of a fully equipped gym, sports facility and club activities like theatre, photography, library room etc.

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The NITTE ideology is to implement a practical approach to a student’s learning experience. The Placement Department ensures students get placed in reputed companies by arranging guest lectures and workshops, industrial visits, and internship for the student. Students are offered special coaching for competitive exams, placement brochures, campus recruitment and so on.

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We maintain a balance between education and overall development of our students by invigorating activities and events like the Nitte Marathon, Nitte International Film Festival, and TedX Nitte etc.

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NITTE prides itself in maintaining a touch with their alumni, who not only support the university but are also involved in the progress and growth of their alma mater. The alumni offer professional advice by way of regular guest lectures, open house sessions and employment assistance.

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Social Responsibility

As the up and coming generation, being an active citizen of a country is an essential part. NITTE University doesn’t just provide career oriented education but also inculcates civic responsibilities in its students. We have 21 rural health centres across 5 districts and 2 states, free specialist out-patient and referral services, Rural Specialty Services including surgical care and so on.

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College is the first and most crucial step towards building a career. Students have to have done an in-depth study of their interest and choice of field while keeping in mind the importance of overall development of their personality. Being part of NITTE University will give you an experience of a lifetime and a strong base to build your career. You will be exposed to dynamic situations to build you as a person, opportunities to invest your interests in and a developing approach towards life.