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5 Myths About Engineering Busted!

Indians are aware of the appeal of engineering. The promise of a first-rate job that leads to a better living encourages an increasing number of students to pursue a career in engineering each year. However, the reality of 'engineering' is not well understood.

Engineers are "super-humans"; to them, creating rockets, robots and electric cars, among other things, is normal. But unfortunately, because the average man has a "super-human" perspective, he does not accept or appreciate many "genuine" engineering efforts.

So, here are five frequent misunderstandings regarding engineering education that people hold:
  1. Engineers must enjoy Maths
    You may have heard that you must not only be good at maths but also like it. We've discovered that you don't have to be an expert in arithmetic. According to a National Academy of Engineering research, you don't have to enjoy it; you have to be able to execute it. It's a tool in your toolbox. When people talk about medicine, they don't talk about anatomy and physiology. However, when they talk about engineering, they talk about calculus and differential equations rather than beautiful solutions, creativity, and pleasure.

  2. Engineers are not particularly creative
    One of the most underrepresented creative fields is engineering. Design - coming up with ideas to help address the world's issues – is an important part of an engineer's job. Consider individuals who respect or adore art. When working on an engineering design and needing to figure out how to correct anything, the ability to perceive things in three dimensions is a valuable gift to have.

  3. Engineering is less interactive
    It is often assumed that Indian engineers are unable to communicate effectively. Everyone thinks it is because they have been away from society for so long. Some individuals believe that engineers require professional communication assistance. However, while fixing a problem, good engineers consider the people who will use the system first. Understanding people, their ideas, way of life, and what is essential to them is one of the most important aspects of engineering. It is also something that few people are aware of

  4. MBA Is Mandatory After Engineering
    People often think MBA is the only option after engineering. It is the only way to find a better career opportunity in India. This myth has been ingrained into students for far too long. An MBA followed by an engineering degree is a desirable combo. It is an entirely bogus assumption that these two endeavours are inextricably linked. A more extensive salary package motivates engineers to pursue management and administration after finishing their technical degrees. The biggest companies in India are just looking for MBA graduates, individuals who have a working knowledge of the industry along with essential soft and analytical skills.

  5. There are only limited Career Opportunities
    Engineering prepares you to go along any path because it is just a way of thinking. Engineers can get a wide range of job experiences both within and outside the workplace. Engineering students say that is what they enjoy most about studying engineering: it provides them with the skills to achieve so many things and the capacity to understand how they can make a difference in people's lives. As an engineer, you can make a difference by improving water filtration systems and making automobiles safer, to name a few things.

There are other myths; however, breaking these down will be the first step towards understanding whether one has the aptitude for engineering. Students confused and overwhelmed by the information available can use this as a compass to steer themselves toward the right path.

It can safely be said that the largest number of engineers can be found in India. Due to rapid globalisation, there is a lot of competitiveness among students to achieve and contribute to the country's growth and development. And India is one of the countries that offes students the most outstanding engineering education.

With the advancement in technology, there is a plethora of options in the engineering sector. All students who want to be engineers must pass admission tests to enrol in prestigious universities. Therefore, it is critical to be knowledgeable about the course, eligibility requirements, exam dates, curriculum, and timetable for competitive examinations.

Engineering is an exciting career that offers high earning potential, job stability, and self satisfaction to fresh college graduates. Further, individuals will be able to strengthen both their technical and career-building skills by getting an education from a recognised university. Therefore, selecting the right institute is just as important as selecting the program or specialisation.

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