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How NITTE Has Adopted Technology for Better Education.

Advancement in technology has opened various options for us. Technology is a part of almost all our daily activities including education. From using technology to gather facts to “googling” information, we are constantly evolving new methods to use technology to our advantage.

Nitte also has adopted technology for better teaching. Nitte is considered one of the Best Universities in Karnataka, the reason being the unconventional way of educating students. We rely on not just In-house teaching methods but also believe in using technology and the internet to expand our students’ horizon and learning experience.

1. Class Room Presentations
Lectures are important to transfer knowledge to students but one-sided interaction can get mundane. Classroom presentations encourage students to learn on their own and share the same knowledge with their peers. This way students take the effort of learning and analysing their understanding of the topic.

2. Laboratory Equipment
Nitte provides state of the art technology to its students to conduct research and projects. We have the latest technology available to provide sophisticated practical training.

3. Student Exchange Programs
Interacting with students from other countries and universities expand the students' thinking process and opinions. Student exchange programs is a method through which students from our college visit and study at other universities. Nitte has a tie up with colleges from USA, Sri Lanka and Japan, among others.

4. Research Centres
There is no better way to learn science than by actually practicing it. Research centres provide students with the platform to experiment and explore their scientific and mathematical interests. Nitte being a top university in Karnataka, has implemented research labs with the same purpose. We have excellent research facilities in neurology, cancer, stem cell, biomedical sciences, not to speak of the Centre for Animal Research & Experimentation and the Central Research Lab at the medical college.

7 Rules for Success in College
College is the where the overall development of a student happens. Amidst all the academic pressure to make a career, students are always striving to achieve their best. Learning some useful skill, making friends for life, learning the art of speech, finding their areas of interest and so on. Students of Nitte, a Top University in Karnataka also go through this phase.