Career Prospects of B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology Course

Career Prospects of B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology Course

Not all jobs in the healthcare industry require you to deal closely with the patients. There are various other in-demand branches of allied health sciences like medical lab technology that enable personnel to work behind the scenes. Though this profession does not involve direct and close contact with patients, these professionals still positively impact people’s health. Thus, a B.Sc. in Medical Lab Technology offers you an opportunity to work in the healthcare industry without long years of study. 

B.Sc. MLT is a 3.5-year undergraduate program that deals with studying several healthcare aspects. Best B.Sc. MLT colleges teach the aspirants to perform various diagnostic analyses on body fluids, including haematology, bacteriology, chemical, immunologic and microscopic tests during the course. The B.Sc. MLT course curriculum incorporates a range of subjects like Clinical Biochemistry, Microbiology, Applied Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology, Immunology, Haematology & Blood Banking, Histopathology & Cytology etc. The course equips aspiring students with an advanced understanding of the technology used in modern medical science and assists them in learning the significance of laboratories in the present world. 

Medical Laboratory Technology also known as Clinical Laboratory Science is typically associated with diagnosing, preventing and treating diseases through clinical laboratory tests. Therefore, in B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology course students learn to perform the tests that help diagnose and treat diseases. Additionally, the course also equips aspirants with the skills required to handle advanced equipment to perform accurate laboratory tests. Moreover, graduates of good B.Sc. MLT colleges will have thorough knowledge about the operations of clinical laboratory tests to identify, treat and diagnose diseases and other medical concerns. As a result, the scope for MLT experts is vast in areas of Hospitals, Research Centres, Defence, etc. Additionally, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, while most other areas are experiencing a rapid fall in the jobs available, this area is expected to see a projected increase of 18% by 2024.

Career scope after B.Sc. MLT
The work of a B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology graduate begins with the collection of patient specimens and ends with providing the laboratory test results to the clinicians. A Medical Lab Scientist’s work is to ensure specimen quality, test control products, data-logging, perform calibration, validation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of instrumentation. A career in the MLT area is one of the most challenging but satisfying careers today. A technologist gets to learn something new every day, which is excellent for their career growth.

Medical Laboratory Technicians can attain employment in pathology labs, urology labs, blood banks, research labs, haematology, cytotechnology, immunology, microbiology, pharmaceuticals, and hospitals. They can also pursue a career in the education line as a lecturer or teacher. Over the years, the course has expanded in terms of what an aspirant learns, thereby expanding its scope. As a result, every hospital and healthcare sector require clinical lab technicians to detect problems and diseases. Therefore, B.Sc. MLT course opens up ample job opportunities in the healthcare sector to positively impact people’s health. Some of the job roles offered to B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology graduates are mentioned below:

Laboratory Technician: This role includes collecting, receiving, labelling, and/or analysing samples using standardized testing equipment. They play a vital role in executing laboratory testing in line with standard operating procedures.

Blood Bank Technician: Blood Bank Technician works with blood donors and patients in the Blood Bank. They are primarily in charge of collecting blood and other components, labelling and storing them according to protocols, and preparing them for transfusion. They also work at laboratories to test and analyse different samples, assess potential donors, and maintain extensive records.

Medical Record Technician: Medical Record Technicians are responsible for maintaining medical records operations by following policies and procedures, initiating medical records by searching the master patient index, reporting needed changes, and ensuring medical record availability by routing records to emergency departments.            

Laboratory Manager: The lab managers are responsible for conducting timely tests, and reviews reports for any abnormal reports/results. They are also involved in hiring and proper training of the new employees.

Medical Science courses are among the finest and most popular courses pursued by ambitious students who aspire to make their careers in the healthcare sector because of the considerable demand for professionals. In addition, hospitals and clinics require B.Sc. MLT graduates to ensure that the patients get the best possible treatment and assistance in the hospitals. In the modern era, where treatments entirely fall back on the tests performed in the laboratory, the growth in the MLT industry is enormous. As stated in Glassdoor, the average annual salary of a B.Sc. MLT graduate in India is INR 3.5 LPA. 

Higher Studies: Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Medical Lab Technology, M.Sc. in Clinical Biochemistry/ Clinical Microbiology, M.Sc. in Nuclear Medicine Technology, Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Medical Lab Technology, PGD in Lab Services in Science.

Now that you know the benefits of pursuing a B.Sc. MLT course, the thought of deciding on a renowned yet affordable college to pursue the program, may trouble you. Among the leading B.Sc. MLT colleges in Mangalore is the program offered by Nitte (Deemed to be University). The Institution has made immense progress towards being recognized as a medical school with high academic standards, delivering quality healthcare knowledge with an emphasis on promoting social responsibility in its students. Nitte’s K.S Hegde Medical Academy strives to generate competent and humane professionals empowered to tackle future challenges with ethical integrity.

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