What is the Biotechnology Engineering and what are the promising career choices after Biotechnology Engineering?

What is the Biotechnology Engineering and what are the promising career choices after Biotechnology Engineering?

Biotechnology engineering program is an emerging discipline, which combines engineering and biology, for research & development. In other words, Biotechnology = Biology + Technology.

Biotechnology covers the engineering of living systems like plant technology, biomedical technology, pharmaceuticals, drug design, animal husbandry, forensics, genetic engineering, biochemical engineering, molecular biology, bioinformatics, and a few others. Hence, the origin of the term biotechnology reflects the multidisciplinary nature of the Biotechnology Engineering program. It trains and equips students with theoretical knowledge combined with intriguing practical rigor. 

Candidates can further pursue an enhanced specialization by taking up postgraduate studies [Master of Technology (MTech) or Master of Science (MSc)]. Those wanting to enhance their knowledge and experience in biotechnology engineering can pursue doctoral study thereafter. Career opportunities after completing the program is also significantly high both in India and abroad. Read further to know and understand the nitty-gritty of a gratifying career in biotechnology engineering. 

Careers in Biotechnology Engineering
The biotechnology engineering industry is an upcoming and dynamic sector in India. Many emerging sectors of employment are exclusive to biotechnology engineering. India is one of the largest pharmaceutical producers and hence significant source of jobs in the biotechnology industry. Besides, there are other industries too which offer jobs for biotechnology graduates.

Following are some of the major industries which require certified biotechnology engineers for various positions. 
1. Academic and institutional research: Many roles at the entry-level like technician, research assistant, lab manager and project associate, are offered by many reputed universities & institutions in India. 

2. Pharmaceuticals and drug industry: Some of the critical roles like technicians and analysts are filled by fresh graduates from biotechnology engineering colleges. 

3. Chemical Industry: The overlapping biotechnology engineering and chemical technology fields allow students to pursue chemical industry-related jobs. There are many process engineering-related technologies in common, and one can get a job in any such role. An example is the brewing industry which needs skilled brewers. They are primarily fresh college pass-outs with chemical engineering or biotechnology engineering degrees. 

4. Environment: There are many roles in the job market that demand cutting-edge skills. Positions like lab assistants and technicians in environment assessment laboratories need an essential biotechnology background. 

5. Clinical sectors involving research: Many clinical and pathological laboratories need beginner-level biotechnology engineers, and it is a prominent area of employment in India. With many healthcare facilities coming up, these job roles are further increasing. 

6. Waste Management: An integral part of sustainable environmental development, waste management is crucial and requires biotechnology engineers to mitigate the effects of waste on nature. 

7. Food processing industries: All major FMCG products / agriculture-based industries hire biotechnology engineers for highly specialized production positions. 

8. Bioprocessing industries: One of the prominent industries that are considered traditional yet an enormous opportunity provider for biotechnology engineers is the bioprocessing industry. 

9. Bioinformatics: Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary domain that combines molecular biology and computational technology. With the rise of data generated in the medical field, including genomics and proteomics, it serves as an essential virtual warehouse where medical professionals can store data.

The minimum eligibility to get admissions in the top biotechnology engineering colleges is to clear the 12th class with 45% with science subjects like Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry / Biology / Computer Science. Some of the entrance exams for biotechnology engineering are WBJEE, JEE Advanced, JEE Main, KCET etc. 

As you can see, almost all of these roles require specialisation and advanced skills in biotechnology. After the introductory biotechnology engineering program, you can choose your area of interest and align your options accordingly with proper industrial training.