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The Unique Advantage of studying Mechanical Engineering at NMAM Institute of Technology

Mechanical engineering has a distinct role within the larger field of engineering. This fundamental field has lost some of its lustre in light of recent developments in information technology, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, communications, the internet of things, data science, etc. However, mechanical engineering has progressed as a field by taking an interdisciplinary approach, which integrates various areas of expertise into the solution of mechanical engineering problems and the development of mechanical engineering technologies.

One of the oldest departments at NMAMIT, Nitte, the Mechanical Engineering Department has adapted and refocused itself to meet these types of problems. The department's recent reforms to its curricula, pedagogy, assessment, and opportunities for skill building have provided the resources and opportunities students need to flourish.

Mechanical engineering at Nitte University now uses "outcome-based teaching," which places more emphasis on the individual learner. Students in fields including thermal engineering, design, manufacturing, management, and information technology can all benefit from a "flexible choice-based curriculum" that gives them more leeway in selecting the courses that best suit their interests. As a result, students have the freedom to pick electives that will best prepare them for their placements. Courses such as Introduction to Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, Python, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Computing are available as electives and the Instructors in these areas help students get jobs in the IT industry. Students from the mechanical engineering program are more likely to find jobs in information technology at firms like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Accenture and many more.

Laboratories at NMAM Institute of Technology
The department's laboratories and workshops are fully equipped with cutting-edge technology, such as CNC machines that are replicas of those used in industry. There are a number of excellent research facilities and Centres of Excellence in the field of Mechanical Engineering, particularly in the areas of automotive engineering, welding technology, automation, alternative fuels, internal combustion engines, pollution monitoring & control and applications of artificial intelligence. Students get both required and elective instruction at these facilities. Micromachining, vibration isolation, condition monitoring, advanced machining, fuel cells lab, etc. are all areas where the department's active researchers have set up their own research laboratories, where undergraduates, graduates and doctoral students are taught. Students who are interested in a scientific profession can get the training they need to advance in their chosen field by participating in one of these labs. Centres of Excellence also provide specialised training for those who are interested in learning more.

Teaching Pedagogies
The department has implemented successful teaching pedagogies such as 'active learning' in courses like robotics and mechatronics, where students work on industry-oriented challenges and find solutions in the labs. It has also made project-based learning, in which students spend the entirety of a semester working on a course-related project, a mandatory requirement for one course per semester. Then, at the semester's end, the student must hand in a report and give a presentation for grade. The sixth-semester Automotive Engineering class has successfully applied this pedagogy, and the outcomes and student feedback have been quite positive.

Membership to Technical Society Chapters
Departmental chapters of professional organisations including CMSI, SESI, ISTE and IE(I) regularly host educational events like workshops and field trips for students. The Association for Interaction of Mechanical Students (AIMS) is an active student group within the Mechanical Engineering Department that gives students a voice in extracurricular, cocurricular and academic matters.

Placements at NMAMIT, Nitte
The department's Placement Committee comprises of both seasoned academics and current students. In this division, keeping tabs on and advising students is a top priority. Senior faculty members provide guidance to students and connect with parents to provide academic support. Several memorandums of understanding (MoUs) have been signed with prominent companies and institutions such as Autoliv, Numentrix etc. which aid in the department's efforts to train, intern and place students and collaborate on research with the faculty.

Students of mechanical engineering program have benefited from world-class facilities and instructions at NMAMIT during the last 36 years. As a result, businesses, non-profit and government agencies now have access to a highly qualified work force, realising the goal of the institution.

Dr. Srinivasa Pai P
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering