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Career Options For Engineering Students

Engineering and engineers are behind all the wonderful innovations that are coming through. Engineering is one such field of study where you have a wide range of options to choose from. Every field comes with its own set of study topics that could interest you. When you look at an area and think that you may be the best fit there, it’s good to dwell on the topic further and find out if that’s something you want to invest your time and energy in. The world of engineering is full of opportunities. You have to figure out which course you are interested in and want to make a career in. At NMAM Institute of Technology, we believe in building an industry oriented curriculum which ensures that our students are in sync with relevant industry trends. What to pursue after your is a question of many. If you’re wondering what are the available career options after you graduate in engineering, here are some options:

Opt for higher studies

Many choose to continue with their higher studies. After getting bachelors degree in engineering, either you can opt for Masters or prepare for GATE. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) lets you get admission into prestigious IITs & NITs. The questions are related to your understanding of the subjects as per your graduation curriculum. It is always suggested to conduct a proper research of the courses, colleges and opportunities available after your bachelors. At NMAMIT, Nitte, there is an active and dedicated cell ‘ABHYUDAY’ that guides students and also provides coaching for competitive exams.

Civil Engineer

If you have pursued your 4 years in civil engineering, you can look for jobs in the same field. There are various career opportunities for civil engineers in construction of roads, bridges, water supply system, a new building structure, consultancy and much more. They make sure that the project is environmentally compliant and sustainable. At NMAMIT, students in the department of civil engineering get hands-on training and also consultancy training in areas like structural design, quality control, soil investigation etc.

Mechanical Engineer

As a mechanical engineer you may work in the field of product designing, research & development, manufacturing and designing machineries, system management, energy management and such others.

Software Engineer

If testing, designing, analysing, and developing softwares interest you, then you should definitely look for opportunities as a Software Engineer. To create a software you need to have knowledge of Computer Science, Mathematics and Engineering. While some students are interested in developing software some others might be excited to work on the design.

Electrical Engineer

If you are looking for a job opportunity in the field of power supply and generation, then becoming an Electrical Engineer is the right choice. You will be accountable for the wiring, power system installations in buildings, aircrafts etc. You may also explore the research & development segment in the particular field. NMAMIT, Nitte has AICTE funded electrical vehicle lab, which is formed by combining machine labs & power electronic labs.

Computer Engineer

If programming and maintaining games, computer systems, hardware, software, operating systems and email programming excites you, choose to become a computer engineer. With the rapid growth in technology, the demand for computer engineers has also increased. There are various companies looking for students who have graduated with a degree in computer engineering. Once you are done with your Master's there are several paths to further your education, you can even get a PhD in one of the subjects that you are interested in. NMAM Institute of Technology gives you a range of subjects like algorithms, cryptography, data mining, high-performance computing, image processing, machine learning, and web services. Each of these subjects can broaden your horizon of learning and take your career to greater heights. NMAM Institute of Technology also offers a wonderful environment to dwell deeper into the subject and truly decide what you want to pursue. With several benefits like a great income and flexibility in place of work, an engineering degree is a great decision to make. Opportunities are many in the field of engineering. With advancement in manufacturing and technology the scope of work for an engineer has also increased. Equipped with world-class facilities and an impeccable teaching force, NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte is the best college for engineering in Karnataka. With a curriculum that understands the needs of the industry and works towards making students industry ready, NMAM Institute of Technology is the just the right place to start off on your journey.