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Importance of Joining Student Committees in College

It is said college days are the most memorable days of anyone’s life. You get opportunities to explore various career aspects, meet new people, work on different projects, learn new skills, and most importantly, explore yourself. Your college not only helps you to shape your career academically but also teaches you various life lessons that add to your personality and stays with you throughout. The experience you gain here helps you in deciding about what is good for you and what is not. Also, focusing only on academics is sometimes stressful and challenging and hence, it is important to take a break and indulge in co-curricular activities.

Nitte (Deemed to be University) is one of the best universities in Karnataka because here we know how important it is to get all-around exposure in college. For this, the university has student committees that will help them get the experience required to groom their personality. Following are the advantages a student gets by joining student committees:
  • Understand Yourself

    The beginning of college is a new phase in a student’s life. It marks the beginning of new hopes, aspirations, and learning. You get various opportunities to experience and learn. Being a part of student committees helps you explore and understand yourself. You’ll get to know your goals, strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and limits. Also, when you interact with others you develop an understanding of what is right and wrong. Student committees help you bring to the fore dimensions of your personality that you never knew existed. It makes you a team player, multi-tasker, organizer, and so much more. This process of getting to know yourself will also prove to be beneficial in your career.
  • Leadership Skills

    It is said, a good leader is one who understands his/her strengths and weaknesses. The best way to know yourself is by interacting with more people and analyzing how you react in social gatherings. Being a part of various committees helps you in exploring yourself, as you work and interact with new people, which gives you an understanding of human behavior. For a leader or a team player, it is important to understand people’s behavior. No matter what your area of interest is, understanding how to deal with people around is a must. It gives you the confidence to express your point of view, analyze other’s perspectives and develop an understanding of the situation. Joining a student committee makes you more social, patient, confident, and also a good listener, which are all traits of an ideal leader.
  • Networking Opportunities

    Another advantage of being a part of student committees is that you get a lot of opportunities to expand your network. Students from different backgrounds constitute the committee, and every student has his or her own story and also a new skill set which you can learn. These connections can result in lifelong friendships or in the future when you seek a job, networking can help you. Also, interacting with new people, who are from diverse backgrounds and have different mindsets, makes you more accepting of new ideas and also makes you a good listener. Student committees organize various events of which alumni are also a part. Networking opportunities with alumni are considered to be very valuable, as they are more experienced than you and can also provide you assistance, academically and also career-wise.
  • Soft Skills

    Being a part of student committees helps you in building soft skills. It teaches you about communication, body language, attitude, and work ethics. All these skills are sure to help you in the future. These soft skills are personal attributes that guide your interaction and relationship with your fellow mates. It makes you a problem solver - productive, proficient, creative, and confident. Developing your soft skills is in a way working on yourself, which is vital in the corporate world. Recruiters are looking for candidates who have good soft skills and can become great team players.
  • Resume Building

    Student Committees also organize various events like cultural fests, seminars, workshops where you can be a part of the organizing team. Being involved in the back end of any event helps you in learning a lot of skills, in terms of being vigilant, spontaneous, and managing time. You can showcase all these experiences of managing fests and events in your resume. This adds value to it, as the recruiter gets a fair understanding of your personality. Your resume is a reflection of your skillset and the experiences you have had. The more active you are during your college days, the more points you can add to your resume, making it more promising. One such advantage of showcasing these points on your resume is that the company you have applied for understands that you are hard-working and can manage multiple responsibilities, simultaneously.
  • Team Player

    It is an essential skill for anyone, irrespective of the career choices they make to know how to work with a group of people having different ideas and mindsets. Being a part of the Student Committee teaches you to work in a team. A team is formed to manage upcoming projects or events and the members coordinate and work together towards achieving a common goal. This gives you an opportunity to be a team player, where you express your views and also be considerate to others’ perspectives. Not only will this help you in your college life, but later as well, when you enter the workplace, you will realize how important being a team player is.
  • We are among the top universities in Karnataka because we strive to provide the best of curricular and co-curricular activities to our students, ensuring holistic growth. At Nitte, we strive to ensure that our students get high-quality education along with exposure to different aspects of a student’s life.