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Everything Students Need to Know About Master of Computer Applications

Master's in Computer Applications (MCA) is a 2-year full-time PG program. It is an advanced and detailed version of the Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) course as it allows students to specialize in particular subjects. The program comprises Software & Applications Development, Hardware, Networking, Mobile Computing, Computer Science, Programming Languages, Algorithm, Internet Technologies etc.

MCA program is designed to meet the demand of qualified IT professionals as it emphasizes the latest programming tools and languages to develop faster and better applications. It has a dual approach of academic knowledge or skills and practical experience. Due to the quick technological advancements, a postgraduate degree in Computer Applications guarantees placements in reputed organizations.

The eligibility criteria and fee might differ from college to college. For example, The MCA fees in Karnataka varies from Rs.1 to 2 lakh per annum, depending on the type of university.

Required skills for Master's in Computer Applications: 
A Master's in Computer Applications degree can be an academic option for those who possess the following skills. Besides a degree, one needs to be holistically trained to stay relevant. The best MCA colleges in Karnataka help students hone the necessary skills to excel in today's competitive world. 

Good command over programming languages: If you like the programming languages like C, C++, Java, .Net etc. and are good at it or are interested in learning them, this field has a great career option.

Knowledge of data structure and database: If you have excellent technical knowledge of data structure & databases and wish to gain an advanced degree, this field is for you!

Good communication skills: MCA professionals have to deal with people daily, including clients, management, employers, employees, etc. Therefore, people need excellent communication skills and convincing power to function smoothly.

Analytical thinking: This specialization has everything related to computer applications and the latest technology. Hence, analytical thinking is extremely important for people who wish to make a career in this field.

Strong technical skills: It is apt for people with excellent technical skills and an inclination towards computer application-based jobs.

Awareness of the latest technology trends: People in this domain need to be updated with the constantly progressing trends in technology. With the rapid progression in technology, professionals in this field need to be at par with the most delinquent technological trends to be at the top in their careers.

MCA Course specialization options
A Master's in Computer Applications is an advanced degree that opens several options for candidates after completion of the course. Below are some areas of specialization:
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Systems Development
  • Systems Engineering
  • Application Software
  • Networking
  • Internet working
  • Software Development
  • Troubleshooting
  • Hardware Technology
  • Systems Management

Career & Job Opportunities after MCA
A Computer Applications degree opens gates to several job opportunities that are diverse and highly lucrative.

Software Developer: Software developers are primarily responsible for designing, installing, testing and maintaining the software in a firm. In addition, they retrieve, store and play with data to analyze a system's capability and requirements. 

Software Engineer: Software engineering is an amalgamation of skills like software development, extensive programming languages and computer operating systems and using engineering principles for software creation. 

System Analyst: System analysts are responsible for analyzing the software and hardware requirements of the firm along with broader IT systems. 

Software Application Architect: A Software Application Architect plays a vital role in designing and analyzing software projects. Software Application Architects create new applications or improve existing ones, develop product prototypes, run software tests and manuals relating to application development.

Software Consultant: They are responsible for reviewing and evaluating the software's technical design and quality issues. 

Hardware Engineer: The role of hardware engineers is to look after the hardware configuration of a computer. So, they design, test and update computer hardware. 

Systems Developer/Engineer: Developing applications and programs of processing systems used in businesses is one of their responsibilities.

Web Designer and Developer: They are responsible for designing, coding and layout a website according to client’s requirements. Therefore, they are expected to have a certain degree of graphic designing and computer programming knowledge. 

A Master's in Computer Applications has a tremendous demand as career opportunities are plenty. In India particularly, the need for computer application professionals is constantly rising, making it a lucrative career choice. Hence, this career can be the best option for a person who is skilled in programming and technical knowledge, has a knack for designing and developing software and is good at problem-solving, logical reasoning and communication.