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Qualities Considered by Employers in Engineering Campus Placement

In the Modern day, several factors have added to finding a good job in the engineering sector. Back in the days, there were some rigid structures that you had to follow to land a job but times have changed. Things have gotten more flexible and the vision of things has also taken a turn. Priorities have been shifted and with the start of the new generation, the requirements for a job have also moved along with it. At NMAM Institute of Technology we understand the changing preferences of the employers and therefore, make sure that our students are well prepared, with respect to academics and overall development. The Institute has a dedicated placement cell, ‘Abhyuday’ which regularly conducts workshops, guest lectures, industrial visits, and has a good rapport with top-notch companies in the industry, making it easy for the students to apply for internships and final placements. The placement cell also focuses on the academic development of the students and arranges coaching for higher education and competitive exams, as academics forms a huge part of the interview process. Being among the top colleges in Karnataka, the placements have been very good over the years. With changing times, a dynamic shift has been observed in the employers’ criteria to choose a potential candidate for their company.

Job-specific skills

The first step to fitting into a specific job is to understand what the job demands. When you know approximately what field you want to get into. You can research regarding the specific requirements that would be necessary for landing this job. No matter what field of engineering you have chosen, there are a lot of job opportunities in good companies and also in start-ups. At NMAM Institute of Technology, students can approach the placement cell and get guidance on the various opportunities in the industry.

Communication skills

There is a common misconception that communication skills are necessary only for certain jobs. What is the point of having communication skills in engineering is a commonly asked question. With changing times, intrapersonal skills have come under the spotlight. The way the job market is currently progressing it is important to have certain communication skills. Whether it is a huge presentation or even just a meeting, you need to make sure that your voice is heard and your point is put across clearly. If you ignore the communication aspect of a job, it is going to be difficult once you land the job. People always think about getting a job but what happens after? What are the key points that help in your growth? Being able to communicate properly is one such skill. There are many ways you can improve your communication skills. You can practice with your peers or look into other parallels like public speaking. Public speaking can largely influence your communication abilities. Abhyuday, the placement cell at NMAM Institute of Technology conducts personality development training, group discussions and mock interviews to give students an understanding of the interviewer's expectations.

Be a Good Listener

As much as communication is important so is being a good listener. This skill will help you in future as well. When you first go for a job interview, they do evaluate how you answer certain questions but they also make it a point to see how much you actually listen. How much attention you are paying to the subject at hand, what your focus is on, is definitely monitored. Make sure you have all your senses on alert and don’t get lost in just putting your points across. Sometimes to listen is more important.

Adapting well

Employers also specifically look for people who are quick to adapt to change. Who can be flexible and adapt easily to their surroundings. If there are some obstacles they can easily find their way through these. Problem solving is one of the most important things among the requirements. Being able to resolve an issue by themselves is a quality that many employers look for.

Zeal to learn

How enthusiastic you are to learn new things is another underrated factor. The world is expanding as we read, there are new things emerging every other minute. Technology is progressing, the ways to work are progressing. You need to have the drive to keep up with the times and with change. There should be an urge to learn more, to stay aware of the situations around you. These things are very important because it’s not just about landing the job of your dreams, you need to think ahead how you’re going to make it out big. You need to have that spark to grow. Companies look for it because they know when someone has the drive to bring about change, it benefits the company More than a requirement, it is a means to getting a good job. NMAM Institute of Technology has a brilliant reputation for being one of the best engineering colleges. The placement cell takes care of training students to match up to the requirements of all the companies that come to the college for placements. Abhyuday, the Center for counselling, welfare, training and placement is well known for its training abilities to get students the best placements for students. The students of NMAM Institute of Technology end up in top companies like Amazon, Yokogawa and Nutanix. You can read through these criteria and start making your foundation strong for placements. Always remember to keep updating your knowledge and skills as that is the need of the hour.