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Develop your research skills

The best writing tip I have ever received is “develop your research skills”. I have learned research skills gradually. Research has transformed my writing remarkably over a period of time. Today, I can write on any topic with uniqueness and confidence. I write a few pages daily and achieve the completion of complex tasks. I spend significant time in searching and synthesizing information from various sources for my writing. I read, re- read and correct to upgrade my writing. This iteration process is repeated several times till I feel further value addition is impossible. I invite suggestions from scholarly writers in my social network for refinement of my writings. I enjoy writing and recognize writing as a way to express my emotions and opinions.

Impact of research on pre-requisites of writing
Research nurtures my inquisitive mind and I am curious in referring to different sources of information for writing including the internet etc. Further, research inculcates in me the habit of selecting quality and authentic sources for writing. First of all, I can ascertain the significance of the topic in terms of real contribution to society with the help of research orientation in my writing. I can accurately and precisely predict the short-term and long-term impact of any problem to society without compromising on legal and regulatory measures due to my research ability. Again, research unfolds my creativity in order to generate information in a novel way for any topic using observation, experimentation etc. Research assigns me with a responsibility of keeping high ethical standards in writing to avoid plagiarism etc. It helps me write without any bias, addressing the problem in a holistic dimension for all stakeholders involved. In addition, research helps me to organize the flow of information in such a way that arouses the curiosity of the reader.

Adherence of Critical, divergent, flexible and innovative features in writing
Critical: Research helps me to critically analyse and list out various advantages and limitations of any topic. In addition, I can write feasible solutions to any problem by doing a literature review.

Divergent: Research helps me to realize different dimensions of the same topic or problem. In other words, research develops my divergent writing. Research supports me with good exposure and creates a sense of openness to adopt unexplored writing styles. Now, I can synchronize inputs from two unrelated fields together by research which is not common. For example, using the laws of physics to predict stock market movements. Thus, the reader will really appreciate the effort, thought process, and style of my writing if research is imbibed in the writing.

Flexible: Considering the final outcome and result, I can change the nature and sources of references, ethical standards of writing, flow of information and writing style. Thus, research guides me to understand the reader, context and other dominant variables in order to finetune the writing process and style.

Innovative: I can give futuristic solutions to current problems provided I use research in my writing. I can write unforeseen and unprecedented but feasible and relevant solutions to existing problems with the support of research. Earlier I was obsessed with intentional as well as unintentional writing errors due to cultural, social, economic and other factors. The research aptitude helps me to overcome all these erroneous factors swiftly and effectively.

Mr. S Saravanan
Asst. Professor
Justice K S Hegde Institute of Management
Nitte Deemed to be University, Mangaluru