Here are some pointers to up your game and give you a successful college life: | NITTE Blogs

Here are some pointers to up your game and give you a successful college life:

1. Stay Connected
Socialising and making acquaintances is an essential part of college, this helps you in coming out of your comfort zone and learning and adapting to dynamic situations. The connection is not just restricted to people, you should check your official mailbox and stay tuned to the events in your college.

2. Be Confident
Confidence is the key to success. Doing what you believe in automatically boosts your confidence levels and gives you more opportunities in life. Don’t pay attention to criticism and judgements and have faith in yourself. Confidence is built by participating in conversations, debates and putting yourself in unfamiliar situations.

3. Extracurricular Activities
Participating in activities other than academics is essential for the overall development of a student. These activities will better your management skills, improve your leadership qualities and teach you to work in teams. It is essential to maintain a balance between academics and extracurricular activities (Click for tips).

4. Management Skills
College is a place where you are constantly surrounded by submissions, deadlines and activities. Managing your time and resources is essential to successfully achieve your target and time lines. Learn to manage with the resources and budget available to you.

5. Importance of exam and projects
It is essential to understand that irrespective of the marks distributed between the written exam and projects/assignments, equal importance must be given to both. Exams take you through theory, whereas projects and assignments help you understand actual facts.

6. Skill development
Your college equips you with the knowledge required in your field but you should not restrict yourself to only that, the world is filled with knowledge and to gain a better understanding of your subjects, extra lessons will go a long way. There are various online portals that will certify you on completion of the course and multiple books to read.

7. Have Goals
Set goals for yourself, it could be a desire to excel in academics, become a member of the college council, member of a student club and so on. Keep in mind, that your goals need to be realistic and measurable. Don’t be scared of losing out on them but believe in giving it a try, it will only bring you a step closer to your dreams.