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All you need to know about studying Architecture

Architecture is a great field. When you think about the famous buildings around the world you always think of the Architects who design them. What we know about architecture is that it is a field where we combine the study of Art and Science to create something wonderful. So how will you know if you truly want to do architecture and how will you understand if this is truly the field that you are interested in. Those who aspire to be architects are more inclined towards art. They often find designs really fascinating and also look into the history of monuments. Architecture is a field that has evolved with time. It is very important to keep in touch with current trends and happenings to truly understand the depth of the subject. There is a common misconception that architecture is just the study of buildings and design. That is not entirely true, it also revolves around topics like climate design and accessibility.

Ask yourself, have you ever come across a structure and wondered how it was made? Have you ever thought about what it took to design that structure? Does design really talk to you? Then architecture might just be the field for you but just like any other field before going into the depth of it, you should be familiar with other aspects as well. Here are some of the things that you need to be reminded of before you go into architecture. When you look at universities there are certain things that you need to be keeping in mind. A way around this would be to make a list and start prioritizing. So how do you know if a University is right for you? A pro tip here would be to not self reject. Make the list regardless of how the cut offs are, you can always work hard to meet those requirements.

Nitte Institute of Architecture is known for the workshops, industrial visits, guest lectures and interactive learning activities that they conduct which makes the subject more interesting and fun to explore.

The requirements for studying in the college revolve around passing 12th with 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Besides this candidates are expected to qualify in the National Aptitude Test for Architecture (NATA) conducted by CoA.

Once you weigh your choices and come up with the decision to study architecture, These are some things you need to keep in mind.

Requires Consistent Exploration

Architecture is one field that requires you to study consistently. You are required to put in loads of hard work and dedication. You need to get into the habit of studying and practicing everyday. It is a commitment that you make to the subject and you’ll have to keep catching up on your study material and it’s no myth that architecture students have a lot to study.

Practicing Your Math Skills

Practising your math is a very important step for getting into Architecture School. There is a huge debate around this topic whether maths is truly important for architecture or not and if this would hinder your chances of becoming a great architect. You can always practice your math and get better at it. There are several activities that you can try out and several exercises that you can practice before you go to college. It is not true that math is an inevitable skill required for architecture but it is also correct that being good at math will help in the course of study. There will be some rudimentary math involved but nothing too complex.

Problem Solving Abilities

Something that goes unnoticed about architecture is that it is a very problem-solving field. You don't have to be excellent at art or design, certainly you need to be creative. When you look at the field of architecture you realise that there is a lot of problem solving going around. Architects take care of space problems and environmental concerns as well. When there is a project where you are redesigning something you are actually solving a problem. It isn't just about building structures but also building it around the needs of people. A large part of being an architect is making structures that suit the lifestyles of people.

Do Your Research

Studying architecture means catching up on architecture trends around the globe. You need to keep up with the happenings around the world in terms of architecture. It’s always better to take a look at architects from the past who have done exceptional work. There’s a lot of philosophy behind architecture. You need to keep up with all the work that goes around and draw inspiration to find your style. You need to see how your designs are practical and how they are innovative. Before designing a building or a house there is a huge amount of research that goes into it.

Detail Oriented

The field is completely detail oriented. It requires a lot of concentration and focus to do the job. This is something that you need to know beforehand. The field takes a lot of focus and dedication.

Nitte Institute of Architecture has a wonderful lineup of subjects and is also considered one of India’s best colleges for architecture. Once you’ve made up your mind regarding these things you can continue in this field keeping in mind all the factors that are required to suit this profession. When you have the passion to excel in this field, you can do your best and do wonders with your education.