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How To Prepare For Campus Placements?

After the wonderful journey you have had over the years, the campus life, other events, assignments, presentations, exams, vivas, everything comes down to Campus Placements. All of your hard work and efforts put in through school and college comes to the moment when you have to give your interviews for placements! It can get overwhelming but if you set your mind onto it keeping some key factors in mind, you can do outstandingly well! Confidence and being mentally prepared are strong foundations to having good placement process experiences and once you have them in place, any interview and exam can be cracked with ease! Following are some of the very critical factors to be strongly kept in mind before applying for any company as a part of the campus placements process!

5 Key Factors To Keep In Mind While Preparing For Campus Placements

1. Placements are not the end of anything, it is just the beginning!

Society and everyone around might make you believe that getting the best job and best package is the most important thing in the world. Well that is not true. Remember these are just standards that have been set. Ideally the goal is to secure your first job which could be fairly interesting, try to focus on a profile that excites you and a work culture that makes you want to be a part of the organisation. From Architecture, Journalism, Medicine, Paramedical Sciences, Nursing, Dental Sciences, Nitte offers it all! Ideally this should be the beginning of a career system and industry you wish to be a part of for years to come. Try to check up on the roles that your seniors may have taken up and check if you can see yourself there. Apply for opportunities that interest you and not for the pay. Once you choose and work for what you like, the ideal package will follow, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

2. Resume Building

Recruiters wish to get to know you and who you are as a person. They wish to conduct interviews and tests mainly to see if you’re a committed person and if you are open and willing to learn. Update your resume in a way that sums your whole experience up, even if your experiences are varied and not directly linked to the role because remember, experience of any kind teaches you something or the other. If your open-mindedness is shown, they would love to have you on board. When you try to be someone who you are not, recruiters can sense it immediately. There is also another repercussion that comes with not being your true self during the process – it will make you more conscious and nervous – two of the things that completely ruin interviews. Staying real and raw in interviews, having natural conversations and being honest throughout the process will impress any recruiter, any organisation because that’s what they are looking out for! Another very important tip would be to attend the process and give interviews for the purpose of networking and getting to know more people. When you approach it this way, not only would you be more excited to be a part of the process, the company will also love to have you. Additionally, being a student of one of the top institutes in Karnataka, would always be a plus!

3. Know the Industry

If you are under the impression that you can apply for only certain roles, you cannot be more mistaken! You can apply for any job in any organisation, any industry irrespective of whether you have all the technical skills required or not. But, in order to be mentally prepared and have a proper structure in your thought process, it's important to give mock interviews and participate in GDs so you understand the flow of it all. All you need is the right attitude and the mindset to learn. Once you have this, you can pick any role up and ace it to the fullest. Skillsets and technical knowledge can be picked up at any point, interest and attitude is everything. Having said that, building a solid knowledge base and being aware of everything that has been happening around is very critical. Hence, it is important to be open and curious not just about your industry but be open but as many avenues as possible. No job is complicated, any role can be broken down because every single person who is on top of the table started from scratch, they did not have it all sorted before starting their first role, so you can definitely pick it up as you go!

4. Forget about the competition!

The company you sit for might have 1000 other applicants, your batch might have 100 other students, 400 other batches but what truly matters is you, as an individual. They are certainly going to evaluate each individual in-depth so never compare yourself to anyone else who is applying, the only person who will ensure you get the job is you! While grades and academic records might be one of the factors that will help the recruiters understand your academic background, experimenting with different co-curricular activities will always earn you brownie points. This will not only help you try different activities out but also help you in understanding yourself and what you like better! Focus on yourselves, your competencies, your interest, your potential, your skill sets, what can be worked on, how you can shape yourself to land the job by making yourself more confident. At Nitte, we truly believe in getting the best out of Co-Curriculars. Once you start looking at yourself, how far you have come, where and how you would like to progress, you will realise how you deserve to get the best of it irrespective of who else is standing in line. Your story matters, always.

5. Do your research and show complete interest.

When you apply for an organisation, do complete research. Find out about the company, the members, the clients, all the work that has been done so far and most importantly the mission and values they hold. This way, you would not just know what you are signing up for, but your interest would be clearly visible to them. They would definitely appreciate the amount of effort that has been put in, the interest that has been shown and that would reflect in the kind of energy and interest you would put into your work in future as well. At Nitte, the faculty makes sure to instill wholesome perspectives such as this and a lot more so that you enter any industry that you choose with full confidence. Also, discipline is most important for any individual to succeed in any job, any career and the first step lies in putting that across in the basic research that you do as you sit for your interviews. You could certainly let the recruiters know about what you liked, where you see potential, what could be improved possibly in the future and what additions you would love to bring. This way, they would get a clear perspective on how you see the organisation!

Lastly, be your true, honest self as always, try looking at it as an opportunity for growth in the future – you need not know everything as this is just the beginning. The more open you are, the better the chances are that you will have a broader spectrum to look at for years to come! At Nitte, we aim high to make our students ready to face the real world outside. The placement cell takes care of mock interviews, group discussions and personal interviews to give the students a taste of the industry. Regular workshops, industrial visits, guest lectures, and training programmes are conducted to ensure overall development. With the right institute, guidance and approach, sky's the limit.