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Reasons to pursue Civil Engineering

Engineering is a field that offers a lot of branches such as civil, mechanical, electronics, biotechnology, AI/ML, computer science etc. There are many different routes you can take as an engineer. When you look at the fields you must see yourself and some qualities of your personality that resonate with it.

Civil engineering is a field where there is a heavy focus on structural work and execution. They particularly work to serve the general public with construction of dams, bridges, canals, highways, power plants, sewerage systems, and other such infrastructure. As you can see the work heavily depends on serving the public with their knowledge and expertise. The study depends on mathematics and other structural studies that apply practically to several situations. You also learn how to foresee problems that will arise if you wish to continue with a certain real-life application. Like any other stream, you will specialize in a sub-topic that you want to learn more about. For example, a civil engineer focused on the specialty of water will learn in depth about fluid mechanics, hydraulics, etc. Similarly, if your area is the study of transportation, you’ll study roadway design, airstrip design, rail design, etc.

Civil engineering is a really interesting field especially for people who love designing structures and envision innovative ways to make the city better. One of the best colleges in Karnataka for Civil engineering would be the NMAM Institute of Technology. At NMAMIT, there are wonderful benefits you can avail of and world-class facilities to learn from. The objective is to train students with an in-depth knowledge of research, consultancy, and entrepreneurship.

Why Civil Engineering?:


Civil engineering gives you a lot of opportunities and options to choose from. The field in itself is so vast that you can choose from a multitude of study options - structural, architectural, geotechnical, environmental and several others.

Work from a macroscopic viewpoint

In other fields of engineering there are a lot of microscopic views needed, for example in fields like biotechnology and chemical engineering, you need to be hands-on for many things. In the field of Civil engineering, you work from a larger point of view and apply the laws of physics.

Rapid Job Growth

One of the important factors when it comes to a career is the scope for growth. You need to always take a step back and take a closer look at how much you can actually grow within certain parameters. In civil engineering, growth is rapid. There is no space for stagnancy or stillness in your career. You can grow exceptionally well making this a great field to venture into.

More opportunities

Once you’re out of a civil engineering college, a world of opportunity awaits you. The nature of the job is such that you get to travel to the worksites and actually be physically involved. Since there are also artistic additions to your work, there is a great probability that you get to do something new with every project. The job has many opportunities that can take you to greater heights and it won’t get monotonous for you either.

High salary potential

The field of civil engineering is very rewarding in terms of salary and the benefits that come along with it. Yes, definitely a field of study isn’t always chosen based on monetary value but it certainly helps.

If you are interested in Civil engineering, here are some of the signs you should be pursuing it:

You’re a planner

Whether it is packing for a trip or an intense project, you always have an organized plan laid out in front of you. One of the foundational elements of being a civil engineer is being able to plan efficiently. Once you have mastered this ability, you are halfway there. The mindset that is required for planning and the drive to organize everything is a sure-shot sign that you will enjoy civil engineering.

You work well with teams

Being a team player is a very important factor in being a successful civil engineer. It is one of those fields where one person cannot singlehandedly complete a project from start to finish. There is a great need for people to work together and contribute equally to all the ideas that exist. When there is an ongoing civil engineering project, it becomes very essential for the team to think like one. If not the same vision, at least there should be a common meeting ground for ideas to be discussed.

You want to build communities and network better

This is a great opportunity to build relationships and network. Through this line of work, you can build a lot of contacts. If you are someone who wants to build an extensive network, this field can be very fruitful.

You want to create a better world

You are someone who believes in creating a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly world. Civil engineering is one way you can make it work. There are several innovations that you can present to the world through civil engineering.

You find applied math interesting

If you thoroughly enjoy the subjects and find the application of maths very interesting, this field is definitely for you. Civil engineering does revolve around a lot of applied mathematics. If calculations and planning excite you, Civil engineering is definitely the way to go.

Choosing a field entirely depends on your interest and zeal to explore more out of it. In the contemporary era, where India is developing rapidly, the scope of Civil engineering is also expanding. The Civil Engineering Department of NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte makes sure students are provided an in-depth understanding of the subject and productively contribute towards the growth of the nation.